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Aim High Chiropractic’s Auto Accident & Injury Clinic in Denver is the leading center for automobile injury care! After treating thousands of auto accident victims over the years, we noticed 10 common mistakes victims often made after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. We’ve created this valuable Victims’ Rights Checklist to guide you through this critical period. The items below are things you should do immediately after an accident!

  1. Make sure you immediately attend to your injuries. It’s amazing how many people get hit from behind, or fall down, or even experience head trauma (you hit your head), yet never get an exam. Even if you think your injuries are minor or non-existent, you should see a doctor immediately after the accident occurs. Why? Injuries that appear minor to the untrained eye may postentially be very serious!
  2. Schedule an exam with an Aim High Chiropractic doctor within 24 hours of a fall, accident, or injury. It’s incredible, but true – if you fail to get a doctor’s statement of your injuries within 24 hours, it’s possible the insurance company could doubt or challenge the seriousness of your injury! If you need to speak with someone immediately, call our office at (303) 922-2977 to speak with a doctor.
  3. Report the accident. Call the police first then notify your own insurance company promptly after the accident. This next step is critical: if the accident or injury occurred on someone else’s property, immediately notify the owner, landlord, or manager at the accident.
  4. Hire a lawyer who works closely with Aim High Chiropractic. Many people involved in an accident never consult with a knowledgeable attorney. This is a major mistake. Since most skilled personal injury attorneys will not charge a fee for your initial consultation, you have every reason to get advice. Call our office at (303) 922-2977 and we’ll refer you to an excellent, ethical, and skilled professional!
  5. Call a skilled Aim High Doctor of Chiropractic, who understands the unique injuries of auto accidents and injuries. We have one of the most successful treatment centers for Auto Accident Injuries in the Denver Metro area. Make sure you choose a chiropractor based on his or her experience in treating these unique conditions. If you have questions, please call our office at (303) 922-2977. Like most lawyers, there is no charge for an initial consultation at our clinic. Call our office to schedule your next appointment now! Your first, initial appointment is FREE!
  6. Do not give statements to anyone, other than to the police, about the accident. It is a big mistake to disclose information to others about what happened. They could (and probably are) working for the other side. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to begin asking you a series of confusing questions after the accident and record the conversation. If you sound confused, you could seriously hurt your case should a problem ever arise.
  7. Seek chiropractic care immediately. Even if your injuries are minor, you should seek a chiropractor immediately. In order for a cash settlement to be awarded in your favor, a doctor must state what injuries were caused by the accident.
  8. Do not miss your chiropractic appointments. Missing your chiropractic visits may create the impressions that:
    – Your injuries are not serious
    – You don’t want to get well – a fact the insurance companies and lawyers will prey on
    – You may be accused of making your injuries worse by failing to keep your appointments.
  9. Do not sign any documents without consulting with your lawyer. Many insurance companies want you to sign a release, or a check. Why? To close your case so you can’t get everything you may be entitled to. Here’s a little secret that all insurance companies understand – but few auto accident victims understand: You can only settle a case one time, and only one time. You can’t go back and ask for more later, even if you’re still hurt, get worse (which often happens to injuries left untreated), or learn new important information that strengthens your case. Never sign anything without your lawyer’s advice.
  10. Do not allow the other side to review your medical records without consulting your lawyer. It’s our policy at the Auto Accident and Injury Center to release records only with our patient’s written permission. We also understand auto accident victims are often misled so we take every step to help our patients and guide them to making the right decisions and choices. While we do not give legal advice, we can refer you to a competent, skilled attorney who we can work closely with to provide you with the help you need.

One last thing – This is important: To be in an accident and to experience an injury is a traumatic experience. Many people think it can never happen to them. Others are lucky enough to avoid such an event during their lives. But most people get into accidents or have injuries at one time or another. Our clinic is here to help people get well. However, I recognize that rich insurance companies hire lawyers, investigators and expert witnesses. Most individuals lack such resources – and the other side knows it! This checklist provides information that will help you fight back and stay in control.We are here to help auto accident victims get well, feel wonderful again, and live an excellent lifestyle.

Did you have an auto accident in Denver,Lakewood, Aurora or near by? Our auto accident injury clinic can help you recover from whiplash, or other auto related injuries. Call (303) 922-2977 & schedule your FREE initial exam and consultation now!

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